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Casey Hibbard


Great post and excellent point. I believe that case studies should be freely available to prospects (without registration), so directing prospects to a next step (webinar or demo) that requires registration is the logical approach.

And taking the next step of having those links right in the story keeps them with the story instead of perhipheral where they might be missed.


Maeve Naughton

Most of the sales folks I have work(ed) use case studies a bit further down the sales pipeline rather than with a new prospect but either way, I agree that you should not have to register to view a case study as it only turns people away. Site visitors need to be given all relevant information within a few clicks. The more you offer them, the more likely they'll click on the extra links, find out about your company and then hopefully turn into a customer. The easier we make it for a prospect to find relevant information, the better experience they'll have.

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